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Spring Workshop

Ethiopian Children's Music

Saturday, April 6

Location: NOVA

with Anna Harris

Join Anna Harris in this workshop to explore the rich world of Ethiopian children's music. Anna Harris embarked on this inspiring project back in 2016, driven by a promise she made to her students. Many of them, hailing from Ethiopian backgrounds, had expressed a keen interest in learning songs from their heritage. Frustrated by the scarcity of available resources, Anna decided to collaborate with these very students and their families to transcribe a song they performed together at the end of the school year.

This initial experience ignited a passion within her to gather more children's songs from Ethiopia, with the goal of facilitating other educators in introducing this vibrant culture into their classrooms. Anna's vision extends beyond her own classroom. She aspires to expand this project, making it accessible to teachers across the nation, ensuring that the beauty of Ethiopian children's music can be shared and celebrated in classrooms everywhere.

About the Clinician

Anna Harris teaches elementary general music in Montgomery County Public Schools in the state of Maryland. She received both her Bachelor of Music Education and Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance at The University of Maryland in 2015. Ms. Harris is the creator of The Ethiopian Song Project; a teaching resource which aims to make traditional Ethiopian children’s songs available to music educators across the United States. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Music Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.


Saturday, April 6, 2024





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